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About Our Patented Technology

The 'Player Advantage'TM technology is a revolutionary new method to conduct a slot machine game. Our tech will increase time on device as well as amount wagered per cycle and is perfectly suited for your land based casino or mobile app. Take your slots to the next level with 'Player Advantage'TM technology.

In addition to the 'Player Advantage'TM technology, we have also patented skill-based and social gaming.

What is it?

Basically, it's a slot machine that tells you if you're going to win or lose on your next pull.

It's that simple.

Wait, what?

Take your basic, modern, slot machine and add three new features: A Notice feature that tells the player if their next spin will win or lose. A Flush feature that will remove a losing spin from the machine. And, a Do-Over feature that replays an unsatisfactory result.

A captivated audience

The result of this new and innovative approach to a slot machine game is that the player is captivated by new information. By telling the player what will happen next, they are compelled to keep playing. This is how time on device is skyrocketed.

The Notice Feature

The Notice feature tells the player if their next spin will win or lose. Think about that. The slot machine tells the player what will happen on the next pull. How will people react to this new machine? Our market research indicates that they will demand to play it, even if that means leaving the casino to visit a neighboring casino.

The Flush Feature

The Flush feature amps up demand for the 'Player Advantage'TM machines even further. The Flush feature allows the player to remove a losing cycle from the machine. If the Notice feature informs the player that the next cycle will lose, they can activate the Flush feature which will remove the results of that next cycle from the machine and replace it with new, unknown results.

The Do-Over feature

As if there was any way to make the 'Player Advantage'TM slot machines more appealing to players, we have the Do-Over feature. The Do-Over feature allows the player to replay an unsatisfactory result. Dissatisfied with a $1 win on a $3 bet, activate the Do_over feature and replay that $3 bet with new and unknown results.

Market Research

Our Patents

We have put together a portfolio of patents to protect this techology. All of the 'Player Advantage'TM concpets are fully patented. Additionally, we have also patented both social and skill-based gaming. Both competitve and cooperative play, networked machines, and all such technolgy are patented owned by us